Arian M. Tehrani, born in Hamburg 1995, son of Persian immigrants is a student, creative entrepreneur and newly dedicated philanthropist.


He has lived in Vancouver (CA) for two years and traveled through South America with a simple backpack after finishing his Abitur with an German 1,1 grade of excellence. On his journeys he has experienced various cultures and lived with local people, experiencing life from different points of views. He speaks German, English, Spanish, Persian and bits of Portugeese and French.

His passion for sustainably changing the lives of people in need, will be driving him the future years. Stay tuned, as the journey is about to beginn.

Current Projects

Student at the University of Hamburg

I am studying economics (B.Sc) at the University of Hamburg. Currently in my 4th term, I am learning more about the global


EarthAid Foundation

I am writing the master plan for probably one of the worlds most innovative and solutiondriven nonprofit organizations with the

lowest rate of capital commitment and highest rate of user engagement.

Tehrani Waterlabs

This project, currently in preparation, is analyzing wether there is a disruptive solution for student water supply at hands lenght. With a selected partner I will deliver a cost and time saving solution giving students access to water in its purest form.


March 15, 2017

The EarthAid Project is achieving some great progess as more and more time is invested in it.

January 01, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 to our beautiful planet !

January 20, 2015

Ready, Steady, Take Off! The journey to South America has begun.

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